Work for Armor Technologies

Quality Help Wanted

We are looking for a few good technicians to join our team. We are willing to train entry level and work toward certifications. Submit a resume if you are interested in working with the Armor Team.

Help Desk Techs

*We are looking for people to handle the phone, call clients, data entry, and perform remote support and monitoring.

Computer and Mobile Device Field Technician

* We are looking for people to repair computers, game consoles, and cell phones; build networks; manage servers and networks; perform onsite repair; perform remote support and related tasks.

Tech Sales and Marketing

* We are looking for talented and outgoing people to handle sales and marketing for the rapidly expanding IT field.

** If you are interested in working for Armor please send your resume by e-mail (PDF format) to:

The job of every employee of Armor Technologies is to contribute to the success of the company by helping it grow profits and sales. The Device Technician does this primarily by:

  1. setting up or repairing customer equipment correctly and promptly, in a way that meets or exceeds company standards for quality and thoroughness, on schedule, and at the lowest cost consistent with the quality standards required.

  2. completing all paperwork and online forms accurately and in a timely manner to enable prompt billing and customer communication for those services.

  3. Fulfilling all responsibilities for employment.

Specific Responsibilities for Employment Include:

1. Seeing to it that all projects to which they are assigned are done on time, to a quality level that will meet or exceed customer and company standards, at the lowest reasonable cost.

2. Keeping the facility, service vehicles, tools, and equipment clean, safe and well-organized at all times so that any customer visit will inspire confidence in the company's ability to perform quality work.

3. Continuing to increase work ethics to continue personal development.

4. Providing all information necessary for accurate and timely billing and costing of all work assigned to them and the scheduling of future projects and other work.  This includes accurately reporting, in a timely manner, all time, parts and supplies used in the performance of their work.

5. Properly segregating and labeling all parts removed from equipment being serviced so that any co-worker could complete the project on time and on or under budget should the initial technician be unavailable.

6. Controlling costs on all projects they are assigned to.

7. Being flexible in work assignments so the company can meet changing customer needs and commitments.

8. Keeping the customer (when working at their location) and company management informed regarding progress and changes on their projects, especially when the cost or schedule will be impacted.

9. Seeing to it that customer and company property is handled carefully without loss or damage and that cleanup is accomplished at the end of the day and of every call.

10. Helping the company find ways to improve its operations, increase sales and control costs.

11. Serving as a good, loyal company representative and treating all customers and potential customers with honesty and respect in all business dealings.

12. Communicating effectively and promptly and working in a spirit of cooperation with customers, management, employees, contractors, suppliers, and co-workers.

13. Demonstrating good judgment and reasoning in the performance of their duties.

14. Adhering to all company policies and recommending improvements to them when warranted.

15. Performing their jobs in compliance with all applicable legal requirements and with the ethical standards set by the company, and handling all materials in compliance with applicable environmental, health, and safety regulations.

16. Promptly reporting all injuries, regardless of how minor, to their Manager.

17. Performing other duties as may be assigned by Director of Operations or Location Service Manager.

18. Continually improving their professional skills and job performance.

Internal Company Relationships:

1. Reports to Human Resources Manager for Armor Staffing

2. Does not have supervisory responsibility, but may be asked to perform as a lead technician and direct the work of co-workers if deemed necessary by Director of Operations

3. Supports the Sales department by performing quality work, providing realistic completion dates, and serving as a good representative of the company in any dealings with current or prospective customers.

4. Supports the Administrative Department by providing timely and accurate information on the time, parts and materials used in all work performed.


Much of the work of the Device Technician is done in the company’s shop area, which is heated, or air conditioned.

Will also be required to perform work at customer locations, which may be out of doors or in non-conditioned buildings and may be conducted in hot, cold, wet, damp and/or windy conditions and/or cramped spaces. The conditions at these locations are not within the control of Armor Technologies. If the conditions are not safe, however, the employee may refuse to perform the work on site until safety is assured. Some work is performed in the vicinity of energized electrical equipment and/or operating rotating machinery. Work may be performed at or near machines or other items with sharp edges, pinch points, and motion, in sometimes hazardous conditions. There may be a risk of electrical shock or explosion if the work is not performed carefully.


1. High school diploma or G.E.D. (Experience may be substituted)

2. Experience: Not Required.

3. Must have the ability to troubleshoot, disassemble and reassemble personal computers and other information technology equipment rapidly and accurately, with minimal direction. Must have general problem-solving skills.

4. Must have a valid drivers’ license.

5. Must follow dress code provided and supply black pants, black socks, black belt, black shoes. The company will provide 2 shirts to full-time employees. Employees will need to purchase more shirts if they damage them.

6. Must be available during the company’s regular work hours, including occasional early mornings, nights and weekends, and be available to travel to customer locations when needed.

7. Must be familiar with or capable of learning about the equipment sold and serviced by Armor Technologies and remain up to date with changes in the equipment and industry.

8. The physical demands of the position are listed in accordance with the requirements of the ADA as:

a. Standing, Walking, Stooping, Kneeling, Crawling, Climbing Ladders and Stairs will be up to 70% of the time. Talking, Listening, Hand Movements and Reaching with Arms will be up to 80% of the time. Body Movement, Lifting and Exerting force to lift 50lbs at a time will be required.

  1. The senses necessary for the successful performance of this position are:

· Taste or Smell – able to detect the smell of potentially overheated electrical components or connections.

· Close Vision - the abilities to adjust focus to work in tight places and on small components is required.

· Hearing – The ability to hear and identify various sounds made by the machinery while operating is important to effectively perform this job, as is the ability to hear verbal communication from customers, co-workers, and others.

9. Mental Requirements

   a. Mathematical abilities at the level required to perform basic arithmetic are essential.

   b. Fluency in the English language (read, write, and speak) is required as the overwhelming majority of customers, vendors, suppliers, and co-workers communicate only in that language.

   c. The mechanical and electrical abilities requirements of this position are extremely important, in that the technician must be able to install, troubleshoot and repair a wide variety of computer and networking equipment. This requires a working knowledge of these systems from a variety of manufacturers.

   d. Reasoning ability (“logic”) is required to troubleshoot equipment problems and to determine customer needs and prepare recommendations to best meet those requirements.

10. Must be able to calmly and professionally deal with customer problems and communicate ideas to them as well as to all levels of management, employees and outside vendors.