Armor Remote Support

Need help without leaving the house?

We offer remote help for any kinds of issues including your computer running slow, virus removal, popups, warning messages, blue screens of death, and any other issues you may be facing.

Call 815-754-0505 ext 112

Ready for remote support? Click here to download.

Once you have called, we will guide you through these 6 easy steps:

1.) We will send you an email with a link to click on

If you did not receive the email, let us know, sometimes there is a slight delay on emails.

2.) Download and run the installation file

Depending on the web browser, the steps are slightly different.

Mozilla Firefox:

Choose Save File

Then click on the download at the top to run it.

Proceed to Step 3.

  Microsoft Edge / Internet Explorer:

The file will download automatically, click run when it is done downloading.

Proceed to Step 3.

Google Chrome:

The file will automatically download, click on the download at the bottom to begin the installation.

Proceed to Step 3.

3.) Select Run on the warning dialogue

4.) Enter the 6-digit code the technician gives you

Once completed, select Grant Access.

5.) Click Yes on the UAC dialogue

6.) Let your technician know you are ready!

We will have access to your computer for up to the next 24 hours and will solve all of your needs.

If you have any questions just let us know.